Open Revision of the OEP Agenda

Title: Open Revision in view of a common Open Educational Practices Agenda as a long-term strategy for openness in higher education in Latin America.

Target group(s): Educators and Managers from universities in Latin America and Europe

Period of open revision: from : 15/10/2012  to: 10/07/2012

Objective of the open revision: Define a common long-term strategy for openness in higher education in Latin America


In the Latin American region, there are still plenty of opportunities to facilitate openness and the sharing of educational content.

In accordance with the OportUnidad project, all partners and members will jointly collaborate in the elaboration of a common document called Open Educational Practice Agenda.

The OEP Agenda represents a general set of guidelines for the adoption of Open Educational Practices at Higher Education level in Latin America.

This document constitutes a strategic guideline for openness in Higher Education, outlining policies and actions aiming the benefits of Open Educational Resources (OER) for the universities.


As part of the project, an open invitation to LA Higher Education institutions to participate as OportUnidad Fellows has been launched during the period March-May 2012. As a result of the open invitation, 74 LA HE institutions qualified to be OportUnidad fellows.

On August 28 and 29, 2012 two Focus Groups have been conducted on-line with partners and fellows with the aim of discussing the main aspects to be covered by the OportUnidad OEP Agenda intended to be the long-term strategy for openness in Higher Education in Latin America.

The first group focused on actions to be undertaken at an institutional level to foster openness in education and the second one on open practices to be adopted by educators. Participants were locate in various Latin American countries and the topic was on Open Educational Practices (OER), Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Access (OA) in Latin America. They discussed on interesting topics, providing meaningful insights and sharing different perspectives, challenges and possibilities.

In parallel, 3 thematic forums are running on the project website to be used as Community of Practice in order to share ideas, enquires and other exchange on the three key areas: 1. Organisational structure and business models, 2. Technological dimension, 3. Pedagogical dimension;

Based in the insights of the two Focus Groups and the Online Thematic Forums, an draft of the OER Regional Agenda has been processed by the Oxford Internet Institute OportUnidad Team and is now open for revisions until November 10th, 2012.

How to respond

Feedbacks from educators, institutions and managers of universities in Latin America and Europe are welcome. Feedbacks (i.e. comments, recommendations, request of changes or additional contributions) can be provided on the document “Draft OER Agenda”. 

To access the DRAF document, please send an email to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. typing Open Revision in the subject line

Results of open revision and next steps

The results of this open revision together with other studies will help the OportUnidad project to formulate the OEP common Regional Agenda. The final version of the Agenda will be openly published on December 2012.

In the coming months partners and fellows will be supported in the contextualization/localisation of the Regional Agenda to their local and institutional needs in order to define initial roadmaps, i.e. institutional mid-term plans to foster open practices at institutional level. OEP.

Initial roadmaps will inform the training paths of the OER training course for educators, intended to be delivered during the period August - December 2012.


Oxford Internet Instituite OportUnidad Team

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