Miembros Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi

Cristina Stefanelli

Cristina StefanelliMs Stefanelli has a background in architecture and urban planning and has worked for several years at the Research Lab in Architecture Design at the University of Venice. Since 2000 onwards, she became increasingly involved in the field of technology enhanced learning and engaged in national and EU projects focused on teaching and learning technologies and virtual mobility. Her work during this time was largely related to EU projects which included European R&D projects funded under the R&D Framework Programmes as well as projects funded by the LLP. In September 2010, Cristina started working at the International Projects, R&D Office of USGM in Rome. She currently works for OportUnidad, coordinated by USGM and funded by ALFA III.

Michela Ornis

Michela OrnisMs Ornis, Political Sciences graduated, is responsible for the following activities: Financial accounting on EU funded projects, Project Budgeting and forecasting, Administrative activities, Public relations with Co-Beneficiaries, Project planning, Participation to EU meetings and holding presentations to partnerships concerning administrative and financial duties.