Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi

Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi (USGM) is an online distance University with significant international engagements, promoting the use of innovative learning methodologies merging advanced technological solutions together with traditional activities (lectures, workshops and seminars).

Its community has presently more than 14.000 students enrolled in graduate and postgraduate programs, 300 faculty members and an academic advising team made of more than 200 experts. Well-equipped laboratories support our research activities, like the Production Center in Film-Making, Television and Digital Media, Marconi Studios.

University of Oxford

Oxford was the first University in the English-speaking world. Its aim is to remain at the forefront of centres of learning, teaching and research. 

Oxford’s remarkable global appeal continues to grow. Students from more than a hundred and forty countries and territories make up a student population of over twenty thousand. Over a third comes from outside the United Kingdom. The Oxford Internet Institute [OII] is a research department of the University of Oxford, focusing on the social implications of the Internet and other advanced ICTs. Its multidisciplinary research faculty include political scientists, sociologists, lawyers, and economists who are engaged in a variety of research projects covering the themes of: Everyday Life, Governance and Democracy, Network Economy, Science and Learning and Shaping the Internet. The OII key missions is to stimulate and inform debate about the Internet, and to shape policy and practice around its (re)invention and use.

Fundacion Uvirtual

Fundacion Uvirtual (Uvirtual, Bolivia)

UVirtual is a Center of Excelence which aims is to support online training. It is a nonprofit civil foundation defined as the location for interdisciplinary coordination of human resources, infrastructure and financial resources for the development of research programs, and essentially for the promotion and dissemination of academic and professional development programs. This aim is reached through contacts with prestigious universities around the world and following the guidelines on higher education as defined by UNESCO.

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) is an online university born in 1994 as a new learning model for the Information and Knowledge Society. UOC main goal is that every person satisfies their training and education needs, making their effort as profitable as possible, regardless of where they are and optimising their time. The UOC has a top quality team of professionals that provide all the necessary higher education services to more than 56000 students in Ibero-America and the rest of the world. The UOC has created in 2009 the eLearn Center, an e-learning research, innovation and training centre. Inspired on a network research model, the eLC promotes work and collaboration between teams, professionals and institutions to find innovative ways of living and feeling e-learning.

The eLearn Center objectives are:

  1. To make a significant contribution to research and innovation in the use of technologies for learning and training;
  2. To promote best practices in education based on the use of ICTs to improve teaching and learning processes; and;
  3. To encourage training in e-learning with a range of higher education (postgraduate studies, master’s degrees and PhDs) along the lines promoted by the eLC and in response to current demand.

University of Lisbon

The University of Lisbon is a public institutions whose origins can be traced back to the creation of a general study, in Lisbon, in 1288. The current University however was founded in 1911. Today it offers close to three hundred degrees and has close to twenty five thousand students, two thousand teaching staff and five thousand researchers. The University of Lisbon is a public, plural school that provides solid education inspired by competitive research and a commitment to serving the community. The excellence of the research under carried has led to a Nobel Prize in Medicine. Notable alumni include several presidents and prime-ministers and the President of the European Commission. In 2012, the University of Lisbon is completing a merger with the former Technical University, to become one of the largest higher education institution in Europe.

The Faculty of Letters, which evolved from the Higher Course on Letters, created in 1853, was one of the founding schools of the UL. The Centre for Philosophy is the largest Portuguese research unit in its field and has over one hundred researchers, covering all major areas of philosophical studies. One of the latest is the philosophical implications of online open education.

Universidade Federal Fluminense

Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) is a public university founded in 1960. It comprises eleven campuses across the state of Rio de Janeiro. The university has centres of excellence for knowledge and technology production, and is part of a global network of knowledge exchange and dissemination. It has a strong ethical commitment aimed at reducing the socio-economic gap between nations. UFF collaborates with twenty-four different countries, ninety-five institutions and is the leader of a consortium of nine universities in four of the Mercosul countries, of which the goal is to involve the academic community in the need to build stronger citizenship awareness among member countries. UFF has over 44,000 students in undergraduate courses, including 11,400 in distance education, and almost 12,000 students in graduate courses. UFF has near 200 partnerships with other institutions and in 2011/20122 only sent about 300 students to course exchange and received another 120 from different universities worldwide.

Universidad Estatal a Distancia

The Distance State University (UNED) is an autonomous and public institution born in 1977. Was created to provide higher education to all sectors of the population, especially those who for economic, social, geographical, cultural, age ranges, gender or disability, require insertion opportunities for real and equitable society. Use various technological means that allow interactive, independent learning and a humanistic, critical, creative and commitment to society and the environment. The UNED has more than 25 000 students mainly distributed in Costa Rica and Central America region, and its educational graduated programs are at the present time composed of technicians, bachelor, licensed, masters and doctorate.

Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja

The University Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL) was founded on May 3rd  in 1971.  UTPL is a private non-profitable higher education institution. Since 1971 UTPL offers distance education,  becoming the pioneer in this educational system in Latin America. UTPL provides undergraduate and graduate programs through two study systems: on-site and distance, the latter is available in three different forms: traditional distance, on-site/distance and online, in four areas of knowledge: Technical, Humanities, Biological and Administrative.The Distance System has 87 associated centres: 83 of them are in Ecuador and 4 of them are abroad: New York, Roma, Madrid, Chiquitos de Bolivia.  UTPL has Executive Secretariat of Latin America and Caribbean Institute for Quality in Distance Higher Education (CALED: www.utpl.edu.ec/caled). Besides UTPL has Executive Direction of the Campus programme of the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE: www.utpl.edu.ec/oui)

Universidad TECVirtual del Sistema Tecnológico de Monterrey

The Virtual University of Tecnológico de Monterrey System is a pioneer in distance education since 1989 and is the largest education system, Spanish speaking over the Internet (online) in Latin America. It is an essential entity for the positioning and development of the Tecnológico de Monterrey in the generation of innovative educational models, and its educational graduates programs are currently composed of nine certifications, two majors, 16 masters and one doctorate, two programs of master are taught in conjunction with American universities, reaching 22 countries with significant presence in Spain and Portugal. The Tecnológico de Monterrey is a private academic institution nonprofit, founded in 1943, which comprises 31 campuses across the country in Mexico, with 10 international liaison offices located in Canada, USA, France, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland. http://sistematec.mx/

Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega

La Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega es una institución de educación universitaria, con 48 años de experiencia formando profesionales competitivos. Desarrolla una propuesta de mejoramiento de la calidad de vida en base a una educación que contempla entre otros aspectos: la formación integral como persona, como profesional y como agente productivo en el cambio social. Promueve en sus carreras profesionales, la investigación, con el propósito de aportar conocimientos y alternativas de solución a los grandes problemas nacional y al proceso de inserción mundial.