Request for Feedback on the OER Agenda

Discussion started by Andre Avorio 5 years ago

Dear OportUnidad community:

In accordance with the OportUnidad project all partners and fellows will jointly collaborate in the elaboration of a common document called Open Educational Practice Agenda. 

This document constitutes a strategic guideline for openness in Higher Education, outlining policies and actions aiming the benefits of Open Educational Resources (OER) for the universities. 

All partners and fellows are kindly requested to provide feedback (i.e. comments; recommendations, request of changes or additional contributions) on this document. To provide feedback, please email and ask for access instructions.

Comments can be added either in Spanish, Portuguese or English.

The deadline of this “open revision” process will the 9th November 2012. The comments and recommendations will be taken into account in the second (and final) compilation of the Regional Agenda to be presented in the Costa Rica meeting. In case of doubt with the concepts please refer to the Glossary.

Many thanks for all your contributions

Oxford Internet Institute, OportUnidad Team

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